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Beshadu is the Ethiopian word for helper, and that’s exactly what it is.
Here's how it can help you secure your privacy.


Don't spend hours searching for the right VPN, Browser, Hardware or Search engine. We test them, review them and list the best ones for you.


Compare features and prices, know exactly which product best suites your needs and pocket, before you subscribe or switch.


Make the choice to secure your privacy and surf anonymously. Shield your private data with tested and qualified tools you can trust.


Stay informed and learn how to protect your privacy against big tech, websites and apps with up to date guides and videos.

We Believe online privacy is a human right

The privacy industry is growing at an alarming rate,which is great for consumers. But this growth is attracting not only legitimate players, but also chance takers and out-right liers - which is bad for consumers and honest privacy companies.


Well, Beshadu is FREE to download and use. Privacy companies who would like to have their products/sercives featured on the Beshadu app should contact us directly to start the conversation.

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The aim is maintain the app in a continuous state of informed evolution and change, to best meet technical, aesthetic and user experience expectations.

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Comparing a range of privacy products/service and tools has never been easier.



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